Frequently asked questions

How do I wash my Honey Stripe wrap?

Simply rinse with cool water, use soap as needed & air dry.

How long will my Honey Stripe wrap last?

The average wrap will last up to 1 year if used regularly.

What do I do once my Honey Stripe wrap has lost its stickiness?

Once the stickiness of your wrap has fully diminished- toss into your compost bin to further reduce waste. Old wraps can also be used as a fire starter when camping or cooking outdoors.

Will my food taste like beeswax?

Short answer if used properly- No. A small amount of wax can come off on your food items if they are being stored in a overly warm environment or if you apply the wrap while your item is still hot. If this happens to you- no need to worry as all of the ingredients used are 100% food safe & are ok to consume.